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Happy Fathers Day Dad

I always knew my father loved me, but in my first twenty years of life, my dad never gave me a hug or said I love you son. On the day I returned from Vietnam, I got that hug. Growing up and being the youngest of three boys, our family was typical for any family in the 1950s and 1960s. My dad served in World War II and when he returned home, Mom and he decided the try one more time for that little girl Mom, so desperately wanted, bingo, out I came. Oh well, I was not a girl. Mom and dad never treated me any different than my brothers, dad especially treated all the boys the same. We knew he loved us, but dad grew up in a…
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Are You Afraid To Speak, In Public That Is

I, like many folks, have always been afraid of letting myself go and speaking in front of a group of strangers. I may write and practice for weeks before the event is to take place, but then moments before it is to begin, I can feel those predictable butterflies start flickering around in my belly. This past May fourth, I spoke in front of a group of thirty-five people, mostly strangers who came to hear about my time as a Reconnaissance Marine in Vietnam. I had everything ready. My PowerPoint was put together and arranged to coordinate perfectly with my bullet point presentation. I had my clicker ready, my large projector screen, and my ad libs all practiced, I even had my bottle of water handy at my side. The…
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Veterans’ Stories: Silent Heroes; Marine Corps Recon Rangers

I have been invited, and I have accepted to speak with a group of veterans and others at the Sumter County Veteran Services Offices, room 102 located at 7375 Powell Road, Wildwood Florida, from 3:30 to 5:00 pm. on May 4th 2017. The talk will be about my experiences serving with First Reconnaissance Battalion, United States Marine Corps in Vietnam from September 1969 to the following September, 1970. I hope to cover what it was like to be thrust into a situation of uncertainty, relive training in ten days that others received weeks of. The first day in the jungle leading to a firefight that resulted in not one but two KIAs. The night I slept in the roots of a giant tree that reached for the sky. I'll talk…
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Recon Team, older but not forgotten.

Not as Mean, Not as Lean, but still a great Recon Team. Recon Marines, older but still ready to serve their country. Lunch with my Recon buddies in Central Florida. Ooh Rah, Semper Fi. A hard charging patriotic group of marines who served their country in Vietnam proudly in an elite unit known as First Reconnaissance battalion USMC. Each and every one of them risked their lives for their brother Marine then and would gladly do it again today. Semper Fi is not just a slogan, is what we each would die for. Semper Fi, Always Faithful, to our Corps, to each other. That is what it means to be a Marine.
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Silent Heroes re-released

Silent Heroes is being re-released soon with new editorial corrections and something special. One important addition will be the first chapter to the book, Desert Burning. Many have asked, what happened to Greeny after the war? Desert Burning is the sequel to Silent Heroes and will tell you what happened to Greeny, and more. Desert Burning is scheduled for release in the fall of 2017 so be sure to look for it. Until then, I hope you will continue to enjoy and purchase Silent Heroes, A Recon Marines Vietnam War experience. It is offered in audio, print, e-book and free on KDP. Be sure to check out the Silent Hero trailer  https://goo.gl/gTRGjf Visit my authors page  http://goo.gl/6NBE5V Or go directly to my web page for everything you need  goo.gl/8scD4M
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Anniversary of Silent Heroes, Sequel Coming

Anniversary of Silent Heroes, Sequel Coming My book Silent Heroes, A Recon Marines Vietnam War Experience has reached a milestone. Or rather it has reached its first birthday. That’s right, today March fourth, it is one year old and I am proud to say, it is still doing well. Sales, though not as robust as when it first took off, are very good. The book is alive and selling many copies every day. Those buying the book Silent Heroes are veterans of all groups. The Vietnam vet of course, but also the veteran of today’s military as many of the 280 reviews I have received are from them as well. There have even been reviews from non-veterans and those of you out there that are interested in the Vietnam War…
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They called us Baby Killers, Vietnam

They called the returning Vietnam veterans Baby Killers, they didn't even know our names. Over 2,709,918 military personal served in the Vietnam War.  The young people of today should take a page out of history from those who thought they knew everything back then. I recently received my 175th email back from someone who read my book, Silent Heroes, a Recon Marines Vietnam War Experience. He gave me high marks but what caught my attention was what he said about his past. I will paraphrase to protect his identity.  I was one of those naive young people who called you baby killers. I listened to the media and my friends at college. I never attempted to find out the facts. I just felt the anger and went with that. I…
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A Day in Marine Corps Boot Camp

Every Marine remembers their time in Boot Camp. Throughout the Corps history, we all have our stories. The day we met our DIs for the first time, and the day we stepped on the yellow footprints. It was 2 am on December 10, 1968. About ten of us had just landed in San Diego, California. We met up with a bunch of other fellas from around the country, all waiting to be picked up by the Marine Corps. Together, we made up a large group. While we waited, we joked around, laughing, smoking and just having a good time. Finally, a lone marine showed up. He started talking to us nicely while he collected our paperwork. When he finished he asked us to follow him outside to a bus that…
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Using the CCW for Good

There are more than 276 million legally purchased firearms in America. The number of CCW (Concealed Carry Weapon) is also in the tens of millions. In many states such as Arizona, no permit is required so the actual count, who carries, is impossible to know. I have often wondered how in this world of madness, when some nutcase goes into a movie theater, or attends a Christmas party and starts gunning people down, no one was carrying a gun for self-protection. No one had the foresight to have acquired CCW and if they had, decided not to carry their weapon that particular night. If they had, perhaps they would have been alive today. I can’t help but remember the phone call from the man to his mother who was trapped…
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