Rick Greenberg
Rick Greenberg
Silent Heroes: A Recon Marine’s Vietnam War Experiences _slide
Silent Heroes: A Recon Marine’s Vietnam War Experiences _slide
With warm wishes and a Semper Fi, Rick Greenberg

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Even Disney World isn’t safe from politics.
January 1, 2018
The protester, a man named Malasky hates the president. I can understand that, because when Obama was president, I didn't like him. I have been to Disney many times and while Obama was in th...
When the NFL players dishonor the flag, the country, the Veteran
October 20, 2017
I have had a tough time this year watching my Chicago Bears, and I don’t mean because they’re a bad team. As a veteran of 25 years in the United States Marine Corps, I feel the NFL players a
Silent Heroes is now an Award winning novel
September 5, 2017
Just wanted to share with my brothers. It was just announced, Silent Heroes is now an award winning novel. After thousands of entries, Silent Heroes is a winner. Awarded by Readers favor...
Guest Speaker
August 31, 2017
On Saturday, September 16, I have been asked to speak at the Paradise Recreation Center in The Villages, Florida, to a group known as the Hanger Flyers. There will be a slide presentation an...
Readers favorite Five Star award
August 7, 2017
I recently recived a distinguished rating from Readers Favorite Awards,  Five Stars for my book Silent Heroes, A Recon Marine's Vietnam War Experience, and a great review. With such writers
Happy Fathers Day Dad
June 18, 2017
I always knew my father loved me, but in my first twenty years of life, my dad never gave me a hug or said I love you son. On the day I returned from Vietnam, I got that hug. Growing up a...

Ever since I was a small boy, I wanted to be a United States Marine.

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