Anniversary of Silent Heroes, Sequel Coming

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Anniversary of Silent Heroes, Sequel Coming

My book Silent Heroes, A Recon Marines Vietnam War Experience has reached a milestone. Or rather it has reached its first birthday. That’s right, today March fourth, it is one year old and I am proud to say, it is still doing well. Sales, though not as robust as when it first took off, are very good. The book is alive and selling many copies every day.

Those buying the book Silent Heroes are veterans of all groups. The Vietnam vet of course, but also the veteran of today’s military as many of the 280 reviews I have received are from them as well. There have even been reviews from non-veterans and those of you out there that are interested in the Vietnam War or just combat stories in general.

I have found it very interesting that people who have friends and family members suffering still from PTSD caused by the Vietnam War have found comfort in my book. They have told me through email how their brothers, fathers, friends won’t talk about their experiences, they keep it bottled up inside and they, who want to help them just don’t understand. After reading my book, they now have a better understanding of what they went through. Perhaps this would be better explained by reading one such email.

I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed your writing.
This book was amazing!
I didn’t want to read it because my brother was in the Marines
in 1969, and he still won’t talk about it. He was 17 then.
My husband convinced me to read your book to get a better
understanding of what my brother is all about now.
Thank you for taking the time to write about your experience
in Vietnam, many would get a better understanding of what
the many heroes, the men like you made our nation great.
All My Appreciation,

Those submitting reviews have expressed how they felt the truth about the fear I showed going into combat, and the feelings I experienced, the first time I took another life. They found comfort in seeing the comradery and the togetherness I showed my unit had, our brothers in arms.

I have good news to all of you who have been asking for more. I have begun and expect to finish in the months to come the sequel to Silent Heroes called, Desert Burning. The book will span the time from re-enlistment through the period of the 1980’s when our country faced a military downsizing following the Vietnam War. Morale in our Armed Services was at its lowest and it took great individual leadership, especially in the lower ranks to keep us ready to defend this country.

The book will take you back to the rebuilding of the greatest military in the world. You will hear the call to arm to free a people enslaved by a tyrant. From Desert Shield to the beginning of Desert Storm, from the bombing of Baghdad to the land invasion, all the way through the 100 hours to include the burning oil wells in the desert of Kuwait and much more.

The end of the book will leave you wondering what just happened. Everything in Green’s life had finally come together. He had an aspiring career in the Corps and a loving wife who supported him. What could be better? What happened next changed Greeny forever. You’ll have to buy the book to see what.

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  • Dave

    Dear “Greeny”
    Just read your book. Put me back there in many little, daily ways – and some not so little.
    I was with Alpha Company, 2 Battalion, RAR (Royal Australian Regiment) 1970-71 – a 2-year conscript. Didn’t see as much action as your character, but saw some. Was moved by the descriptions of being back in one’s hootchie at base, and of sweating through the “J”, seeing-and-not-seeing things trying to stay awake on watch in a night harbour, etc. All the best, and thanks.

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