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Here we go again. Are they so afraid Trump might win that they would spread more lies? More misinformation. From before his inauguration, Democrats have been spreading false statements and this is just another.

Four unknown people close to the administration have reported that back in November 2018 President Trump said some nasty things about the armed forces, calling them losers.

Those who have allowed themselves, the haters and the never-Trump will believe and spread this story. Not because it can be proven true, but because they want it to be true, so sad.

Won’t you take the time to find out who these four, so-called insiders are? Who is the writer who broke this story? What is his history with Trump? From the so-called insiders who broke this story to the man who wrote it, Jeffery Goldberg.

Goldberg has been writing all sorts of negative articles about Trump since he was sworn in. That should tell you, who and what he is, a Trump hater. This thing that allows papers to run with a story and keep the names of those who are their witnesses from the public is bull-shit. If Jeffery Goldberg hates President Trump and is worried he might actually win, he could make up a story, or take a rumor and spread it as fact while hiding the truth from me and you. Could you actually agree that it is possible?

So who are the ones spreading this message? They don’t want their names out there. How easy it is to say something terrible about someone and then hide in anonymity. Do you think that if a right-wing magazine, would write something terrible about Joe Biden, and say he heard from people who don’t want to be identified, that CNN or MSNBC would run with? You wouldn’t hear anything about it.

If Trump was in a court of law, could the prosecutor say, “He heard that this man is guilty,” and the jury would just find him guilty?

If the prosecutor came in with only hearsay and the defense had five witnesses, this case would be dismissed.

Well, here are five people who were actually there that November day in 2018. A couple of them are no longer with Trump and don’t like him anymore and said those statements are all lies.

Lt. Gen. Keith Kellogg said, “Never happened. The story is wrong!”

“John R. Bolton, his former national security adviser who has broken with him and called him unfit for office, said he was on the trip in question and never heard Mr. Trump make those remarks. “I didn’t hear that,” Mr. Bolton said in an interview. “I was there for that discussion.”

“This never happened,” wrote Sarah Huckabee Sanders, who was then the White House press secretary. “This is not even close to being factually accurate,” added Jordan Karem, the president’s personal aide at the time.

“I’ve never heard the president use the language that assertively is said in that article about him calling military suckers and losers,” Secretary of State Mike Pompeo

Defense Secretary Mark T. Esper released a statement saying that Mr. Trump “has the highest respect and admiration for our nation’s military members, veterans, and families.”

So who do you believe? Those who hide behind the media afraid to come forward and a media to eager to spread these stories without the facts?

I guess innocent until proven guilty for Donald Trump doesn’t exist. If this story came out about Joe Biden, you haters would be all about, innocent until proven guilty.

Have you ever thought why this man would allow himself to be attacked, over and over again? Why he would give up a billionaire’s lifestyle? Not power, he had that.

Laurence M. Vance said it best in a July article from the Future of Freedom Society.

“It is no secret that Democrats, whether they call themselves liberals, leftists, progressives, Democratic socialists, or just plain socialists, hate Donald Trump. They focus on every single thing he says or does in a way that they never did with previous Republican presidents. Now, I realize that “hate” is a very strong word. But I really don’t know how else to describe how many Democrats feel about Trump. They loathe him. They despise him. They detest him. They abhor him. They have contempt and enmity for him. And now that Trump is running for reelection, hatred of the president has reached a whole new level of intensity.”

So who was at that conversation?

Once again the media is attempting to brainwash the country. It’s a known fact that if you tell a lie long enough, people will believe it and they’ve been spreading these lies since before his inauguration. Don’t think it’s happened to you?  How do a free-thinking people, Germany 1932 when it started? How did Hitler get the German people to allow the murder of 6 million Jews? He told lies over and over about the Jewish people until the German population believed them.

That is what has happened to America. Those of you who hate Trump because of what you’ve heard about him are the ones I’m speaking to.

You believe, not because you have proof, but because you want it to be true, just like the German people of 1932.

You believe four unknown people who have a problem with Donald Trump being president and reported this story but lack the courage to come forward. There are five people who gave their names in dispute. It is sad because I know that those who have given into the lies over the last 3+ years will believe this story without giving Trump any benefit of the doubt. And I know why it is hate.

There was a man once, his name is Jesus. He rose from the dead following crucifixion. I have been asked many times how can you believe that Jesus rose from the dead. I tell them one thing that makes me believe, twelve men and some women swore to it and accepted torture and murder, gave up their lives but never wavered from the truth.

Who does that, but those who are truly telling the truth.

Where are those who speak against Trump? They’re hiding in the shadows. Where are those who speak for him? Standing upright and speaking the truth.

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