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A Day in Marine Corps Boot Camp

Every Marine remembers their time in Boot Camp. Throughout the Corps history, we all have our stories. The day we met our DIs for the first time, and the day we stepped on the yellow footprints. It was 2 am on December 10, 1968. About ten of us had just landed in San Diego, California. We met up with a bunch of other fellas from around the country, all waiting to be picked up by the Marine Corps. Together, we made up a large group. While we waited, we joked around, laughing, smoking and just having a good time. Finally, a lone marine showed up. He started talking to us nicely while he collected our paperwork. When he finished he asked us to follow him outside to a bus that…
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Using the CCW for Good

There are more than 276 million legally purchased firearms in America. The number of CCW (Concealed Carry Weapon) is also in the tens of millions. In many states such as Arizona, no permit is required so the actual count, who carries, is impossible to know. I have often wondered how in this world of madness, when some nutcase goes into a movie theater, or attends a Christmas party and starts gunning people down, no one was carrying a gun for self-protection. No one had the foresight to have acquired CCW and if they had, decided not to carry their weapon that particular night. If they had, perhaps they would have been alive today. I can’t help but remember the phone call from the man to his mother who was trapped…
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