They called us Baby Killers, Vietnam

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They called the returning Vietnam veterans Baby Killers, they didn’t even know our names.

Over 2,709,918 military personal served in the Vietnam War.  The young people of today should take a page out of history from those who thought they knew everything back then.

I recently received my 175th email back from someone who read my book, Silent Heroes, a Recon Marines Vietnam War Experience. He gave me high marks but what caught my attention was what he said about his past. I will paraphrase to protect his identity.

 I was one of those naive young people who called you baby killers. I listened to the media and my friends at college. I never attempted to find out the facts. I just felt the anger and went with that. I was wrong and after all these years, I finally say, welcome home. More people should read your book and others like it to learn what those of you who served did over there and what you were like.  My apologies.

Gunny Rick


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