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There are more than 276 million legally purchased firearms in America. The number of CCW (Concealed Carry Weapon) is also in the tens of millions. In many states such as Arizona, no permit is required so the actual count, who carries, is impossible to know.
I have often wondered how in this world of madness, when some nutcase goes into a movie theater, or attends a Christmas party and starts gunning people down, no one was carrying a gun for self-protection. No one had the foresight to have acquired CCW and if they had, decided not to carry their weapon that particular night. If they had, perhaps they would have been alive today.
I can’t help but remember the phone call from the man to his mother who was trapped in the bathroom the night the massacre took place at the Pulse Night Club in Orlando, Florida. He told her the man was coming in and he was going to die. I think she would have wished her son had a gun with him that night so when that creep opened the stall, a nine mm round would have smashed into his head. How the story would have been different, instead of a dead son, a hero son.
Perhaps some of you have felt that way too. Finally it has happened. It wasn’t a mass killer out to murder a bunch of innocent school children, or some dirt bag trying to kill a group of people out for an evening of dinner and dancing. No, it was another attempted murder of a police officer.
On an Arizona 10 interstate, at approximately 4 am, it was reported by both ABC and NBC news and is now being reported on major cable news networks. A trooper had stopped to aid a crash victim when an unidentified man ambushed him. The trooper was shot twice and then attacked physically. A passerby stopped and witnessed the physical attack of the officer and heard his plea for help. The good Samaritan retrieved a gun from his vehicle and ordered the bad guy to stop. When he did not, he fired and killed him, saving the troopers life.
So, finally someone who was carrying a weapon for self-defense stopped the bad guy before the innocent died. It’s about damn time.
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