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MSNBC reported days ago that Trumps lawyer, Cohan has had his phones wire tappped and there was at least one phone call from the President. I wondered how they can tap the phone of someone who represents the President of the United States, they can’t. Last night, MSNBC reported that they misrepresented the news. No such tapping occurred. How can anyone believe anything the media says about Trump? Their only mission is to destroy him. As an American who voted for him, I continue to support him because he is the only president in the history of my life time that has done all he can to honor all his campaign promises. That is the truth and that is what all the Democrats and the news media fear. Here are a few reasons I support him. You will never here this on any news organization except Fox.

Fact: Unemployment is now below 4%. lowest in 17 years.

Fact: 17,000 construction jobs created. 8,000 mining new jobs. In 2016 we were losing 5,000 a month.

Fact: Democrats and some Republicans, or Never Trumpers said manufacturing jobs were gone forever and would never return. 300,000 manufacturing jobs have been created since Trump won.

Fact: 54,000 business jobs have been created. Those are the high paying jobs.

Fact: 18,000 what they call leisure jobs have been created. These are the lower paying jobs for businesses like McDonald’s, etc.

Unemployment among African Americans is 6.6%. That is an all-time low. Not bad for a man the liberals call racist.

Fact: Hispanic unemployment is down to 4.9%. Another point down since 2017.

Fact: There are 6.2 million jobs right now in the USA looking for people to fill those jobs.

Fact: There is a skills gap called New Collar. This is when the jobs open are either white collar, or blue collar. They are in the middle and need either skilled, college, or factory workers.

Fact: Burlington Northern, the largest freight rail road in the country will hire 3500 workers this year, and is offering $25,000 dollar bonuses for Pipefitters, Electrician’s and Bookmakers. So if you have that skill, go get the money.

Trump has delivered on more campaign promises than any President before him, and he has done it faster.  That is why America wanted him. He is not a politician. He says what is on his mind. He brags too much and often says thing that end up being untrue, or exaggerated. Yeah, past Presidents were sure to always say what we wanted to hear, and never follow through on it. They were always  politically correct. That is why our country is so at odds with one another today. The democrats, and those never Trump Republicans fear him. They have been in power for a long time and he is threatening that power.

I did not support Donald Trump at the beginning, I loved everything he said, but never thought he would come through on so many promises. I had heard it all before., from the Bushes to Clinton and many before them. All made promises but they all fell short of those promises. They gave a million excuses, but it is Donald Trump who has come through.

Obama Care has been defunded.

Go after so called sanctuary cities.

Build a wall. I know he said Mexico would pay for it, another brag on his part. Does that matter? NO. I just want the wall built and he is doing that. I want legal immigration, not illegal.

Tax cuts. I don’t care what the big guys get. I don’t worry about what the Democrats cry over. I know the new tax bill helps me and those like me. After talking to a tax consultant, I will not have to pay any more quarterly taxes this year. That’s a saving of 1200 dollars over last year. And, my monthly income increased by $102 dollars a month this year because of the new tax law.

His executive orders for religious freedom. As a Christian and an American, freedom from government forcing me, or any believer to accept something contrary to my beliefs is paramount to what our constitution protects us from. I should not have to betray my faith. It should never come down to faith or being thrown into poverty. Liberty is what I fought for. If you don’t know what that means, look it up.

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